Andrew is one of the members of the MacGyver Boards project.


Andrew is a student at Bioscience High School and a member of the class of 2014. He has been going there since freshman year and is in the Engineering pathway of the school. He currently is a Junior.

He is a more laid back kind of guy and a joker, but can get serious when it matters most.

He is also an avid gamer and owns a PS3, Wii, Gameboy Advanced SP and a Nintendo DS (original model). He is particularly good with arcade-style games (ones he grew up with).

It was being a gamer that partially drew Andrew to the project. Originally doing a project pertaining to rail travel in Arizona, he joined the group seeing something better than his previous project. He has yet to regret this decision. Currently, he assists in editing the wiki for the project, will write sections of the manual and will also try to help getting Wii remotes (after we get the cash to do so).

He is also skilled with Microsoft Paint and is capable at writing.

Group Members
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