The second-in-command of the Group of 2013.



The best photo we have of him right now

Levi is a student of Bioscience Highschool's Class of 2013. Educated through the Montessori Method, he works best in groups and is adept at the usage of computers. With the project of the MacGyver Boards, he is the second-in-command, just under Barry, who is the leader of the actual project.

He is a laidback, fun kind of person who gets serious when his nose is put to 

the grindstone. The biggest problem for him oftentimes is putting his nose to the grindstone; however when he gets down to working, he can produce some amazing things. 

Always loving a good intellectual challenge, Levi is quite fluid in his ability to manipulate computer programs in such a way--okay yeah, he plays videogames pretty well. He owns an Xbox 360 as well as a PC, and enjoys games of all sorts, which is partially what drew him to this project in the first place.

Originally being pitched as just the Wii-Motes, he saw a way in which he could apply his interests to the real world. Not only that, he saw this as an opportunity to have a worthwhile project with other group members to back him up. 

He is a capable writer, and has done some good work with the computer program "Photoshop" as well, however he considers these both hobbies of his. He is also a former member of the Wind Energy Group, as well as a current contributor to the Bioscience 3-D Printing Project. 

What He DoesEdit

As the second in command, Levi is directly responsible for keeping the rest of the group accountable. He chose this position specifically because personal accountability is not one of his strongest suits, and he always looks for a challenge in doing things. 

He isn't only in charge of keeping everyone up to date; he is also one of the main contributors to the MacGyver Boards Wiki, as well as having a small part to play in most of the project at large.

Where He Plans On GoingEdit

After Highschool, Levi plans on attending a Junior College to complete all the basic classes he needs done. After that he plans on possibly becoming a computer technician, however he aspires to become a published author and maybe even make videogames. 

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